Whistleblower Form

1. What is the nature of the complaint? Please select in list below:

2. Have you previously reported this matter to any party within and/or outside of Keppel?

If Yes, please provide:

3. Are you aware of any known Keppel personnel and/or parties that may be in conflict with your reported matter?

If Yes, please provide:

4. Please provide details of the Keppel persons and/or parties involved in your Whistleblower reporting.

5. Please provide details of the alleged misconduct.

  • How did you find out the matter?
  • What roles were the parties involved in?
  • Details of transactions and/or dealings that have taken place.
6. We encourage you to provide any supporting documents or materials that you may have.

Total size of file attachments for each online submission should not exceed 10MB. For attachments exceeding 10 MB, please process multiple submissions or email directly to Report@kepcorp.com.

7. Would you like to disclose your identity and/ or contact information for necessary follow-up to facilitate expeditious review of your reporting?

If Yes, please provide:

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