The investment mandate of KIT is to invest in businesses/ assets that generate long term cash flows with some growth.


  • Businesses/ Assets with creditworthy off-takers or large and stable pool of customer base
  • Availability based assets
  • Equity, equity-linked, and customised sale and leaseback transactions
  • Inflation-linked assets
  • Defensive industrial infrastructure
  • Businesses with infrastructure like characteristics
  • Selected greenfield investments with experienced operators, and limited construction exposures

KIT aims to deliver sustainable returns to its Unitholders through executing the following strategies:

    Sustain Asset Performance
  • Building sustainable earnings through proactive asset management.
  • Improving operational performance and efficiencies.
  • Fulfilling contractual requirements and upholding safety and environmental standards.

    Acquire Quality Assets
  • Building business networks for acquisition deal flow.
  • Seeking like-minded partners with strong development capabilities to build up acquisition pipeline.
  • Focusing on projects that provide regular and/or predictable cash flows, backed by long-term contracts with creditworthy and reputable off-takers or a large and stable customer base. The Trustee-Manager may consider investing in development projects with manageable development risks.

    Synergy with Keppel Capital
  • Leverage and grow further with the increased scale, larger investor base, wider geographical coverage and greater resources.
  • Enhance talent recruitment and retention, facilitate sharing of best practices and improve operating efficiency.
  • Co-investment, bridge financing and incubation opportunities; and
  • Non-energy and non-environmental space asset management.

    Synergise with Sponsor
  • Draw on Sponsor’s operational and maintenance, as well as industry expertise;
  • ROFRs for assets owned and developed by the Sponsor; and
  • Co-investment and incubation opportunities.

    Improve Capital Efficiency
  • Optimising capital structure and cost of capital.
  • Maintaining prudent financial leverage.
  • Maintaining sufficient financial flexibility for all assets and businesses.
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