Past Keppel Infrastructure Trust Milestones

18 May 2015 Formation of the enlarged CIT, which was renamed Keppel Infrastructure Trust
13 May 2015 KIT was renamed "Crystal Trust" and ceased trading
30 April 2015 Both CIT and KIT received approvals from their respective Unitholders for the acquisition of the 51% stake in KMC and the formation of an enlarged trust
18 November 2014 KIT proposed to acquire 51% of Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte. Ltd. and form an enlarged trust with CitySpring Infrastructure Trust (CIT)
26 September 2014 Senoko Waste-to-Energy Pte. Ltd., trustee of Senoko Trust, entered into an agreement with the National Environment Agency to provide additional 10% incineration capacity by upgrading the Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant
16 April 2014 KGT was renamed "Keppel Infrastructure Trust" (KIT)
15 April 2014 KGT Extraordinary General Meeting - KGT received approval from Unitholders to expand its investment mandate and change its name to Keppel Infrastructure Trust (KIT) to better represent the nature and scope of the infrastructure assets and businesses that the trust may acquire
8 November 2013 KGT was awarded the Singapore Corporate Governance Merit Award (REITs & Business Trusts) at the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) Investor’s Choice Awards 2013
2 May 2013 Keppel Integrated Engineering (KIE) was reorganised under Keppel Infrastructure. Accordingly, Keppel Infrastructure is deemed interested in the shares of Keppel Infrastructure Fund Management Pte. Ltd. and KGT units held by KIE
18 February 2013 The one-megawatt peak solar photovoltaic installation on the rooftops of Keppel Seghers Ulu Pandan NEWAter Plant was commissioned
24 October 2012 KGT was awarded Solar Pioneer Award by the Energy Innovation Programme Office (led by Singapore Economic Development Board and the Energy Market Authority) for its 1MWp solar photovoltaic installation at Keppel Seghers Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant
30 June 2012 KGT completed the flue gas treatment facilities upgrade for Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant with excellent safety record, within budget and ahead of schedule
29 June 2010 Listing of KGT on SGX-ST Main Board
16 June 2010 Keppel Corporation Extraordinary General Meeting
31 May 2010 Distribution of K-Green Trust Introductory Document
27 May 2010 Receive Eligibility to List (ETL) from Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
23 July 2009
Constitution of K-Green Trust (KGT)
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