Ixom is amongst the leading industrial infrastructure businesses in Australia and New Zealand, supplying and distributing critical water treatment chemicals which are key to fundamental industries, as well as industrial and specialty chemicals.

Among the products that Ixom manufactures and distributes are water treatment chemicals, such as liquefied chlorine, chlorine, derivatives and caustic soda (chlor-alkali). Ixom is the sole producer of liquefied chlorine in Australia, as well as a leading provider of manufactured caustic soda. Ixom is also one of the largest bulk and packages chemical distribution businesses in Australia and New Zealand dealing in chemicals such as sulphuric and nitric acids. The chemicals manufactured and distributed by Ixom are fundamental and used in a range of industries, which have favourable demand dynamics, including water treatment, dairy and agriculture, mining, construction and nickel refining.

Underpinning Ixoms business is a strong network of critical and well-positioned infrastructure. This includes chlor-alkali manufacturing facilities and bulk storage sites in key regions across Australia and New Zealand that support Ixoms import and distribution activities.

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