Preferential Offering

Information on the Preferential Offering

Unless otherwise defined, all terms and references used herein shall bear the same meaning ascribed to them in the announcement dated 14 March 2019 in relation to the launch of the Equity Fund Raising (the Announcement).

Please refer to the Announcement and any further announcements that may be released by Keppel Infrastructure Fund Management Pte. Ltd., in its capacity as trustee-manager (the Trustee-Manager) of Keppel Infrastructure Trust, on SGXNet for further details on the Equity Fund Raising.

Please refer to the Announcement(s) here.

  • The non-renounceable underwritten Preferential Offering will be open to Entitled Unitholders on a pro-rata basis, at the Preferential Offering Issue Price for each Preferential Offering Unit.
  • Please refer to the News Releases section for more details.
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